Game, Set & Fusion: new artwork by Craig Black captures the spirit of tennis

Craig Black brilliantly captures the moment in a summer of Wimbledon excitement, using his Acrylic Fusion paint pouring technique.

Photography and videography was by Venture Creative

Photography and videography was by Venture Creative

We've long been fans of Scottish visual artist Craig Black at Creative Boom, most recently profiling his work for coffee tech startup BrewBird. Now, as the excitement of this year's Wimbledon fades into the distance, he's unveiled a new project that beautifully encases the iconic symbols of the game of tennis.

Game, Set and Fusion turns the sport of tennis into a living work of art. Using his dramatic Acrylic Fusion technique, in which layers of paint are poured to create a mesmerising effect, a racquet and tennis balls are transformed into artworks. The dramatic result is to distil the essence of the game and create a unique canvas that captures its power.

It's typically eye-catching, influential work from Craig, who is based in Greenock, Inverclyde and has worked with some of the world's most recognisable brands and international sports organisations.

These have included bespoke football artworks for FIFA at the World Cup, basketballs for sports equipment giant Wilson and the NBA, and a custom bike frame for Ribble Cycles. Other clients include UEFA, the Premier League, Pepsi, Sony, Wisdom Audio, Rangers Football Club, the BBC, and the United Nations.

Creative Process

"To capture the essence of tennis, I took this artistic endeavour to new heights by applying the Acrylic Fusion paint pouring technique on several tennis balls," Craig explains. "Using the racket as a medium, I struck the fusion-infused tennis balls onto a canvas which portrays an abstract tennis court. This captivating activation reinforces the notion that unexpected combinations can indeed create breathtaking masterpieces.

"From the power of a forearm smash to the delicate detail of a drop shot on centre court, tennis is a living work of art."

Craig, who spent the first few years of his career at leading design agencies in London, is also known across the public speaking circuit for sharing his inspirational artistic journey at conferences and creative events around the world. His work has also been exhibited in the UK, the US, Qatar, Paris, Barcelona, and Istanbul.

Game, Set and Fusion and other works can be viewed on Craig's Instagram or on website. Photography and videography was by Venture Creative.


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