How drawing can help us appreciate the little things in life

Illustrator and author Matilda Tristram is not only a very talented woman, but a very inspiring one, too. A few years ago she released the heartbreakingly honest comic Probably Nothing, a tome that detailed how she was diagnosed with cancer when pregnant with her first baby; a tale that is clearly both awful and terrifying, but one she manages to inject some rather dark humour into.

Her new book, which is launching in August with Leaping Hare Press, can perhaps be seen as something of a sequel, and compels and teaches us how to fall in love with (and draw) the little things that we encounter every day.

It's both a visual diary presenting some sweet, energetic sketches and a guide to drawing itself: each page offers her valuable insights on abstract things, like how to see the world anew by drawing it, as well as more technical aspects of drawing like which pens and pencils to use for different tasks and how best to use colour. It's like one of those ubiquitous colouring books, but better.


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