London studio Midday creates new identity and packaging for Aphrodite’s

Aphrodite’s, a luxury Eastern Mediterranean food brand named after, you guessed it, the goddess Aphrodite, recently hired Midday to create its brand identity and packaging.

Led by creative partners Will Gladden & Claudio Vecchio, the London studio said of its design: "Sprung from the deep-blue depths, Aphrodite is historically depicted as a beautiful woman with golden hair. We reference the goddess with a golden 'A' monogram, it's undulating lines referencing her flowing hair and birth from the waves.

"We banish the stereotypical clichés of love and beauty, celebrating instead extraordinary Greek mythology. These epic myths are meticulously illustrated to enchant consumers."

The identity includes a woodcut illustration traditionally hand-carved and printed by renowned craftsman Andrew Davidson. To find out more, visit

All images courtesy of Midday


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