Beautifully surreal photographs representing varying states of consciousness

Estados de Conciencia is by photographer Gaby Herbstein. The title translates as States of Conscience, and is the latest series in her extensive body of work. The surreal theme allows for the exploration of imaginary worlds, where a man (Cristian García) and a woman (Carla Moure), almost like Adam and Eve, are led through dream-like scenarios.

She says: "Estados de Conciencia is beyond aesthetics and photography. Inspired by the work of the great masters of surrealism, this project is a tribute to those who created images that could tell what cannot be seen, the metaphysical, what is beyond, what is within us, what is told by our dreams."

Next year the entire project will be featured in a book, which will coincide with an exhibition of photographs, videos and objects.

Using photography as a means of expression to raise awareness, Herbstein's work demonstrates her concern for the wellbeing of the universe, the preservation of the beauty of the planet, and the worries that have arisen from her personal experiences and spiritual quest.

Her career as a photographer and visual artist extends more than 23 years. She has produced and taken part in different solo and collective exhibitions in countries around the world, including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, the US, Russia, China and Japan. Herbstein's work has also appeared in national and international publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Vogue.

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