KADO Project's alternative Christmas calendar helps put the 'GIF' in Gift

The KADO Project has paired 13 different artists with 13 different charities, promoting a range of causes from climate change awareness to helping end homelessness. Each artist has created one unique and animated digital Christmas card linked to their connected charity, and mostly in the red and white of Santa himself.


The joint initiative between London's Pocko Social and Japan's monopo asks us to rethink what a "normal" Christmas can (and should) be with a campaign designed to promote a different approach to the gifting season, encouraging donations to a more "traditional" gift.

Continuing that anarchic attitude, they decided on 13 rather than the traditional 12 days of Christmas, reflecting the non-traditional and non-religious approach to the festive period, and to reflect Pocko's own punk and untraditional beginnings. The name KADO meanwhile is inspired by the French word 'cadeau' meaning gift, changing the 'deau' to 'do' to imply to action, whilst the Japanese word for 'gate' can be read as 'kado', suggesting the entrance into a better world.

MUTE Studio

Simon Landrein

Artists were allowed to choose a charity of choice for their GIF creations. Michela Picchi says on theirs: "I believe that the anti-racism educational charity work done by Show Racism The Red Card is incredible – they involve famous football players in their work, produce educational resources, and in general create a fertile ground for those of a young age to have the tools and knowledge to fight stereotypes and negative attitudes in society for a better future. It was a real honour to be linked with them, and create artwork that has the same powerful energy as the work they do!"

George Shelbourn of MUTE Studio adds: "2020 has been devastating for so many. The pandemic has exaggerated many pre-existing social issues across the country, including anyone struggling to keep a roof over their heads or having a safe place to call home. MUTE couldn't be prouder to partner with AKT. They support LGBT+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment."

Jiaqi Wang

Paul Bower

"We wanted to create a short, hopeful, looping animation that shows unity," George continues. "Not just within the LGBT+ community but across the country. We truly are better and more supported together. Here's to a better 2021! Merry Christmas from MUTE."

Finally, Joni Majer says on her charity of choice: "I wanted to support ActionAid because they give women in need a perspective. Their help enables women and girls to stand up for themselves. ActionAid helps women to see a future they created themselves, and choose their own path ahead."

The public will be encouraged to give a gift of a donation to charity in the name of a friend or loved one, and in return, receive the digital Christmas card of their choice. The KADO Project campaign will run across the social channels of Pocko, Monopo, and every linked charity from now until 25 December 2020, with all artwork and charities, hosted directly on the Pocko Social website.

Andrea Chronopoulos

Till Lauer

Joni Majer

Marco Oggian


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