Graphic artist Neil Keating maps Liverpool's alternative scene

It won't shock you to know that gentrification is still happening, with the latest casualty being Liverpool's independent and community radio station Melodic Distraction (M.D.). Being forced out from its venue, the station has turned to both Kickstarter and one very cool creative to help them build a new home.

Graphic artist and illustrator Neil Keating has designed for M.D. an offbeat guide to Liverpool's thriving music scene, imbued with the nostalgic comic book feel that defines his work.

"We decided that an illustrated map would be a really cool way to showcase all of our favourite indie hotspots across the city," Neil tells us. "From our favourite record stores, independent coffee shops, microbreweries and bars and even warehouse venues that put on gigs."

"The map was put in a zine and shipped out to locations all across the city for people to pick up and put on their walls at home. We even ran a treasure map competition where people had to visit certain locations on the map to retrieve clues; we found this was a great way to both gain and give back support to the independent and creative community."

Neil though feels the map for the Kickerstarter is less of a guide and more about Melodic Distraction's story so far, giving a nod to the places they've gigged in or supported over the years.

"Most of all it's about securing the future of the station itself and creating a permanent hub for Liverpool's music scene. At first it was pretty disheartening to hear that their place in the Baltic was under threat, but after hearing the proposals for their new location I was really excited about the campaign. Of course, when they asked me to design them an illustrated zine and t-shirts showing their journey, I had to say yes."

The Melodic Distraction Kickstarter campaign will run until December 17.

Neil Keating at work

Neil Keating at work