Using design to trace how and when we're most likely to declare our love for someone

It's not that unusual for designers to use their love lives as a starting point for creative projects – just look at Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman's 40 Days of Dating as a prime example.

Now, designer Alberto Molina has worked along a vaguely similar route, in that he's created a project based around a specific time frame, and lurrrvve, in his information design piece titled '365 Days. 2 Words'.

However, this takes things to a whole new level, in that it takes place over an entire year, and is just as personal and Walsh and Goodman's work; but in a somewhat different way. Rather than Jess 'n' Tim's more conversational, therapy-like approach; Molina looks at one relationship—that between him and his girlfriend – and charts it over an entire year according to a single metric. That metric is the number of times they exchanged the two small words (in Spanish, three in English): "I love you."

His piece charts the times they exchanged the sentiment over an entire year. It looked at not only how many of these exchanges took place, but also the time of day they sent such messages (in texts and WhatsApp chats.

The broader aim was to show how the correspondence between two people can demonstrate the difficulties of one relationship, what it says about their personalities.

In doing so, it looks to ask more broad questions about how we each might feel according to saw the time of year (is there anting in the notion that we're more lovey-dovey in summer, or want to feel more content and snuggly in the winter? Are we more loving at (maybe after a glass of wine or several?) than in the often grumpy-laden morning?

His data was collected then collated into an infographic, which was printed into an A1 poster. The piece went on to be longlisted as part of the prestigious Information is Beautiful awards, in its People, Language & Identity category.

Molina is part of the graphic design team at Errea Communication, a studio in Pamplona (Spain) that uses design to help its clients tell stories through succinct graphics.


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