Ainsley Bowman's atmospheric music video for The Ninth Wave's latest single

Dark and atmospheric with a little Japanese bondage thrown in, award-winning director Ainsley Bowman is behind the music video for The Ninth Wave's latest single, Human Behaviour.

Produced by Forest of Black, the atmospheric film was shot in an old shipbuilding warehouse in the band's hometown of Glasgow.

It places the artists centre stage as they slowly entangle themselves with rope in a striking performance piece.

"Human Behaviour struck a chord with me from the first listen," Bowman tells Creative Boom. "As well as loving the track, I resonated with the message and feeling behind the music. Using a rope to explore disconnection and separation visually, I wanted to create a surreal portrait of a relationships journey and the self-sabotaging lengths people go to for connection.

"Playing out in reverse chronological order, a cruel and absurd irony presents itself – the more entangled they become physically, the less connected they are emotionally. There is a visceral and unregulated honesty within the song that I wanted to bring into the performance. Millie and Haydn made this really easy, throwing themselves unreservedly into the performative elements of the video and really going for it which wasn’t always easy when bound by and trailing nearly 1km of rope between them!"


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