Elmwood New York reimagines brand identity for flexible workspace provider, Knotel

Elmwood New York has created a new identity for flexible workspace provider Knotel, a successful startup that was recently valued at over $1.3 billion.

With plenty to play with, the brief was to create an "ownable, consistent and inspiring brand ecosystem" that reflected the "dynamic, ambitious and tailored approach" of the brand, which itself believes that workspaces need to reflect the culture within them.

The agency’s work spans the entire identity system for Knotel and includes environmental design, custom typography, print and digital collateral, logo animation, social media and launch materials.

Meg Beckum, executive creative director at Elmwood New York said: "Knotel is disrupting the real estate industry, but it’s a disruption grounded in intelligence and strategy. We wanted to design a brand that leans into all the thinking, creativity and customisation that goes into a Knotel workspace. We were energised by the fast-moving, always-inspiring Knotel team. They really kept us on our toes."

The central idea behind the identity focuses on the notion of "adaptive intelligence" – something that Knotel itself strives for. The design language is "alive", constantly evolving and modulating for different audiences and environments. The colour palette is full of energy and movement, and custom typography shape-shifts to accommodate spaces and imagery.

While the design system is incredibly flexible, the geometric shapes and letterforms move and scale on a grid with discipline and intention. The design reflects how Knotel "transforms real estate from a static asset into an adaptable service, giving companies the freedom to flex".


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