After August: Marietta Varga's photographs that consider life after summer

Via Creative Boom submission. All images copyright of Marietta Varga

"What happens with all those coastal holiday homes at Lake Balaton during the course of the year that holidaymakers fill with buzz and joy every summertime?" asks photographer Marietta Varga. "How does the atmosphere of these spaces alter once autumn comes? In what ways do we endeavor to preserve the memories and moments of summer in order to be able to recall them whenever we need to?"

In her series, inspired by childhood memories, Marietta hopes to respond to these questions. Choosing a summer house in Siófok as the location, which embodies the interior design of Hungary in the 1970s and '80s, her images are a peculiar mix of nostalgia, melancholy and the passing of time.

But like her previous work, this is only the beginning. In this "first chapter" of her new series, we meet a woman called Sári, inside her summer house.

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