Scavenger Lanes: Photographer captures the back alleys of Hong Kong

Since his arrival in 1995, Hong Kong has never stopped to fascinate photographer Michael Wolf. For over twenty years he has captured the hyper-density of the Asian city through his large-scale photographs of its high-rise architecture.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

With his latest body of work, Michael zooms into the beehive-type structures and explores their less glamorous counterpart – the back alleys. Originally referred to as ‘scavenger lanes’, they aren't exactly where you'll find the tourists and most of Hong Kong's inhabitants tend to avoid them.

At best, one might rush through them, merely as a shortcut, trying to avoid the pungent smell of waste, while turning a blind eye to rats scurrying away. But for Michael, these dark, narrow lanes that host a vast range of objects and activities, are something to be explored. In this fascinating series of photographs, we are treated to a different side to Hong Kong.

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