Elmwood in Leeds is a playful and inspiring workspace of creative fun

Brand design consultancy Elmwood relocated to Leeds city centre in 2012. The new studio started out as a huge blank canvas and has evolved into a playful and inspiring space that helps to keep the creative juices flowing.

From the huge timeline in reception, spanning from 1977 to now, to the Top Trump cards on the wall that show the 140 staff from around the globe. A big window that overlooks the pub next door gets illustrated 3 times a year by local artists.

Steven Shaw, design director, said: “We’re lucky to have such a large open space with break-out areas and snug meeting booths, allowing us to hot-desk and move around depending on what project we’re working on that day.” And if the team needs a quick time out, they can play a spot of table tennis, miniature golf or darts.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Elmwood