Want to change careers? Chance to win a scholarship to study graphic design at Shillington

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Do you remember last year when we told you about Shillington's new annual scholarship competition? Now they're back and offering half scholarships for its September 2018 full-time or part-time graphic design course in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

If you've always wanted to switch jobs, do something more creative and learn design, then this is your chance to do so. Simply visit shillingtoneducation.com for full details, and to apply.

Wondering whether it's worth it? We spoke to three of last year's winners to find out more about their own experiences and whether Shillington has helped them to embrace the career of their dreams.

Three of last year's winners

Meet Uzma Padia, a Shillington Scholarship winner and graduate of Shillington's Manchester campus.

A recent university graduate with a degree in Graphic Design, she felt shocked by how fast-paced the industry was and wanted to up-skill to become more confident. When she heard about Shillington's scholarship, she leapt at the chance to apply and was chosen amongst many submissions for her extraordinary talents.

"Throughout the course, I was encouraged to finesse my drawing skills for both process and final outcomes," said Uzma. "We had classes dedicated to thumb-nailing and wire-framing which not only helped me to communicate my ideas efficiently but I was able to work faster and smarter. Mood-boards and idea generation helped inform the decisions I made when it came to choosing an Illustration style which inevitably created strong pieces of work for my portfolio."

Since graduating from Shillington, Uzma has become a freelancer, winning projects from direct clients as well as local agencies in Manchester. Speaking of her own experience of applying for the Shillington half-scholarships, she advises others to: "tell your story in a clear, engaging way that is true to you. Have fun with it, be imaginative and creative and most importantly don’t over think it or give up!"

Uzma Padia

Uzma Padia

Uzma Padia

Uzma Padia

Meanwhile, Arnold Omanyo longed for a career change last year and winning a half-scholarship at Shillington in Melbourne helped him take the plunge to start his design journey. Even with no previous formal training, after graduation he hustled, networked and got top advice form fellow Shillington graduates to eventually land a job as a UX/UI designer at Digital On Demand.

"Before Shillington, I was working as an Engagement Coordinator within Telstra’s NBN department. Prior to that I also worked for NBN," explains Arnold. "I had worked within the IT/network space for a while and although I wasn’t bad at my job, it was work that wasn’t fulfilling. I didn’t feel it was my calling nor did I feel like I was utilising my gifts to the best of my ability."

Speaking of how it felt to win the scholarship, Arnold said: "I'm a Taurus and we naturally step with caution, wanting to ensure our decisions are well thought through and as risk-free as possible. So the scholarship was the universe’s way of saying – this is the direction you should be heading. Not only that but it was an opportunity to prove to myself, my friends and family, and to Shillington that this is what I was born to do!"

What would Arnold say to someone thinking of studying at Shillington? "I’m going to assure you, as someone who was once a cynic about whether I could change my career and circumstances in three months, going through this course will build more than just a needed foundation to build a career in design.

"It trains you to think and see the world as a designer, and establishes the confidence needed to promote yourself and your work to potential employers and studios. Trust the process, be patient with your growth, be hungry and driven to grow and see this as the beginning of a great, creative and successful career. Certainly, do your research, read more of these reviews, educate yourself, and once you’ve decided this is what you want, Shillington will be there to do the rest."

Arnold Omanyo

Arnold Omanyo

Arnold Omanyo

Arnold Omanyo

Christina Capetola was a Shillington scholarship winner in New York. Christina has always been a creative person and discovered her love for colours, illustration and branding while studying at Shillington.

She had worked in marketing before she realised she wanted to be a graphic designer. "I had never touched Illustrator before the course and developed a love for illustration," she explains. "Branding was something that really interested me because it is a perfect combination of my marketing skills that I had gained at my last job and the design skills I gained at Shillington.

"I felt prepared coming out of Shillington and felt like my portfolio was stronger than people who had gotten undergraduate degrees in graphic design."

The course at Shillington gave her the skills and confidence to land a job at Wayfair. "A day in the Shillington classroom is actually quite similar to a typical day at Wayfair. I specifically work on the Birch Lane team, which is one of Wayfair’s brands. Birch Lane has a very specific, timeless style. I work on all of the promotional assets for the website and email, which is exciting because I get to create something new every day!"

Christina Capetola

Christina Capetola

Christina Capetola

Christina Capetola

How to enter

Convinced? Download the application form via shillingtoneducation.com for full details. Here’s what they’re looking for:

1. Respond in writing to three questions: Why do you want to study at Shillington? What does creativity mean to you? What do you want to get out of your Shillington experience?

2. Show us your passion for design: Shillington wants to know why you love design and why you’re a perfect choice for the scholarship. Your submission can take any form – written or visual. Surprise them!

Terms & Conditions

Be sure to read the full terms and conditions on the application form, but here's the gist of what's at play:

  • Deadline to apply is Friday 27 July 2018. Applications must be sent via e-mail.
  • Successful applicants will receive a 50% reduction in total course fees for their campus city. If you accept the half scholarship offer, you will need to officially apply via Shillington’s website and pay a deposit of $1,000 by Monday 13 August 2018. Remaining course fees must be paid by Friday 31 August 2018. You must be able to cover all incidental costs of the course.
  • Proven visa rights to study. The scholarship is only available to citizens or permanent residents of the campus country, or those with proven visa rights to study in that respective campus country.
  • If selected, you will be notified before Friday 10 August 2018.
  • The scholarship is only available for Shillington's full-time and part-time graphic design course starting September 2018. It is non-transferrable.

Discover more details at shillingtoneducation.com. Deadline is Friday 27 July 2018. Good luck!

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