Transient Body: Artists create tunnel of colourful light in an abandoned chimney

Transient Body is an interactive light installation by Sergio Mora-Diaz and Katia Montes, that proposes a "dialogue between matter, light and the presence of human bodies as they move through space".

The intervention is performed as a part of Proyecto Cilindro, a site-specific curatorial space designed in collaboration with Factoria Italia in Santiago de Chile, which reuses the structure of an abandoned industrial chimney from a former hat factory.

As the duo explains: "The project is developed within the 30 feet long cylindrical steel container and consists of two overlaid light instances: one that maps the industrial structure, visible from the access of the installation and another that reacts to the presence of people, accompanying them as they walk.

"The result is a spatial experience, a perceptual exercise that relates our body in motion to the spatial qualities of the place. We are spectators, users and shapers of the experience. It is a transit between the presence and absence of matter, where the light tells about the skin that contains us."

Sergio is an architect and artist born in Santiago de Chile, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His work explores the communicative and interactive qualities of physical spaces, ranging from architecture and design to other related disciplines such as installation art, digital technologies, motion graphics and performance art. Discover more at


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