After Midnight: Photographer captures wet, wintery scenes in London and Yorkshire

After Midnight was shot by photographer Gary Dawes in London and Yorkshire over a couple of winters. It was inspired by one quote: "Shahmen say at 4am the worlds part, and you can walk between them." After reading these words many years ago, Dawes was inspired to set his alarm for 2am, grab his gear and head off into the dark of the night.

He explains: "After Midnight, like most of my work, is free of narrative. I am not a storyteller, I have nothing to tell. I see them as just simply pictures. Pictures have no script. I invite the viewer to see into them as they wish."

With a diverse and extensive background in filmmaking, it's surprising to learn that Dawes is self-taught. "It's all about following my own path as a free spirit, which has its own rewards.

"I have neither any real style, technique or craft when it comes to photography, but what keeps me fuelled is making pictures that did not exist before, and which may leave a little scope for the imagination."

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Gary Dawes


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