The Dog Project: 120 playful papier-mâché pooches let loose in County Cork

For the Kinsale Arts Festival in County Cork, Ireland, local artist Tom Campbell decided to put a smile on every visitor's face by creating 120 papier-mâché dogs, with the help of one hundred volunteers, and placing them at various locations around the town.

The playful canines were placed on Kinsale's beach, around local places of interest and brought together in various forms – all of which the public were encouraged to participate and play with. As you can imagine, the installation was incredibly popular with families and children – making art accessible to everyone.

Originally from the town of Dumfries in Scotland, Tom has been based in Cork since 2001. He works in a fairly free and spontaneous manner and loves to paint, sculpt, sing, perform, and do anything creative. He explains: "I believe that art is not a luxury item but a necessity for society, art is for all."

Via Behance | All images copyright John Allen


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