Geometrix: Photographer seeks out light and shadow in London's dark spaces

In his series Geometrix, London photographer Rupert Vandervell loves to explore the juxtaposition between the human form and the urban background. With these particular pictures, he was looking more closely at the "geometry of the city – created by light and shadow and their aesthetic harmony".

Born and based in London, Rupert's photographic style is highly representative of his personality – one that has always been obsessed with clean lines and the geometrical appearance of things. He explains: "I find beauty not necessarily in the subject itself but in the space that surrounds it. There is little ornamentation in my pictures, decoration comes from the play of light, shadow, form and texture."

If you love Rupert's style, then watch this space for a new book launching in August 2016 entitled Light Dark Place. In the meantime, to discover more of his work visit

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Rupert Vandervell


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