The Secrets of St James's allows you to uncover hidden treasures with your fingertips

This month the latest exhibition to arrive at the St James’s Market Pavilion is The Secrets of St James’s, featuring its own uniquely forged 3D map, which will allow you to explore the area with your fingertips and discover some of the hidden secrets of St James’s through an interactive installation.

The map will give a bird’s eye view of this historic part of London and encourage you to discover more about this one of a kind area of the capital. The interactive map has been built with sensors that trigger the windows of the Pavilion to light up, with each showcasing a unique story of St James’s.

Touch a location on the map and a fascinating story is highlighted in the wooden display shelves. Each tale lets you into a St James’s secret – where was James Bond’s infamous martini created? Where did Jimi Hendrix play his first UK gig? Where did John meet Yoko? And where was the Scotch Egg invented?

Enriching the experience further the exhibition features a curated soundtrack of Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2. Chopin was, of course, a resident of St James’s in the later part of his life and left for his final concert from his home on St James’s Place in 1849.

Curiosities and treasures await at The Secrets of St James’s this month. The exhibition is completely free and open to everyone. To find out more, visit


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