Barcelona's Hey Studio collaborates with Pap Yay to create a modern toy for kids

Hey Studio has collaborated with new toy brand, Pap Yay, to create a beautiful 10-piece puzzle block made of reinforced paper and designed to be sustainable.

Founded by Catalina Hoyos and Ildut Loarer, a couple who live in London and work in the creative industries, Pap Yay aim to partner with various designers to create beautiful modern toys that both parents and children will enjoy.

"We live in a small flat with two cheeky kids and invariably their toys end up in the living room, making a mess that we shamefully try to hide when we have visitors," explains Ildut. "We wanted to create a simple toy, no battery, no plastic, that could stay in our living room and be easy to tidy away. But also a toy that is sustainably made and easily recyclable."

So the pair collaborated with Hey to create their first toy. For the puzzle, each block is made of simple geometrical shapes and the colours are bright and bold to capture a child's imagination. There are six simple animal puzzles that make up an owl, rabbit, parrot, fish, snake or caterpillar. Better still, it's super strong, but also light, safe and sustainable.

You can support the project and help it come to life over on Kickstarter. The deadline for the campaign is 17 April. If the toy comes to life, it will be suitable for children aged one or over. Best of luck to Catalina and Ildut!


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