Artist Eva LeWitt's delicate hanging sculptures made from soft and colourful materials

For her latest series 'Untitled', American artist Eva LeWitt created colourful hanging sculptures, which are currently on show at the VI, VII, Gallery in Oslo.

Photographs by Christian Tunge. All images courtesy of VI,VII, Oslo

Photographs by Christian Tunge. All images courtesy of VI,VII, Oslo

Delicately hung against satisfyingly white-washed and marble walls, the various semi-transparent panels are made from a mixture of soft materials, including plastic, latex and polyurethane foam. There is plenty at play in her unusual artworks: some of the hanging pieces seem to overlap one another, often mixing two different colours to create a new shade or hue. There's also a focus on shapes – circles playing a dominant part at the tips of each hanging piece, but also in the structure of each panel itself.

Speaking to Artsy about her inspirations, Eva said: "My inspiration always comes from the materials themselves. I have gravitated towards soft, synthetic, colourful materials; plastic bags, sponges, yarn, tape, etc. I struggled for a time using traditional sculptural materials such as plywood, steel, fibreglass.

"But these materials hurt me—literally and figuratively. I prefer to work in complete solitude, and I physically could not manage these materials alone. I could not dominate them or manipulate them the ways I wanted to. That is why I choose soft, tactile, materials. I want to be able to control and transform the materials."


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