Giant, brightly-coloured and mirrored doorways pop up on Worthing beach

A creative studio in West Sussex has created an installation of giant, brightly coloured and mirrored doorways on Worthing beach, encouraging people to interact with them and share their photographs on social media.

ECE Architecture's interactive artwork takes a familiar architectural form and places it out of context to create a playful environment. Each of the five doorways is made of brightly painted plywood and mirrored acrylic and stands over two metres tall.

Teaming up with branding agency, Creative Forager – it took a team of ECE employees three weeks to build and two days to erect the doorways. Situated between the Lido and the Pier on Worthing Beach, the installation will stay put until Sunday 3rd July.

Stuart Eatock from ECE said: “We wanted to create another surprise for the people of Worthing and if that makes them look at architecture in a fresh way then that’s great.”


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