Rebecca Strickson's Together mural celebrates London's community spirit

If you happen to be in the West End this week, head over to Carnaby Street to see Rebecca Strickson's huge shopfront mural that sends an empowering message to London for 2018. Entitled Together, it's her largest mural to date and takes the form of a shopfront takeover at We Built This City, exploring the power of people working together to overcome an issue that really matters.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

"I really wanted to design something inclusive, vibrant and fun; just like the capital. With January a time for traditional resolutions and looking ahead, I wanted to create something with a positive message we can all carry through the year, and beyond."

That message forms the centrepiece of a 3D banner, intricately cut out of wood and featuring the words: "If We Can Work Together, We'll Work Together". Accompanying this are two beautifully crafted embroideries hanging impressively in the shop's windows, stating "Everyone" and "Everything".

Strickson adds: "I'm a staunch believer in the power to overcome when we work together on the issues that matter. And when we do, we don't just work side by side, we achieve more, we create power and hold power to account. I am proud to have London as my home and love how diverse, crazy and fantastic this city is. There are so many things that we aren't divided on as Londoners – look at what happens when there's a huge event (or a snow day!) that makes people come together, help each other and their communities. I wanted to celebrate that."

Staying true to the title of the piece, Strickson has brought together fellow London makers including embroidery artist Annalisa Middleton and metalwork artist Leila Alice Smith to help complete the installation, which launches today and will remain at We Built This City on Carnaby Street until April.

To celebrate the storefront collaboration, a limited edition art print and accompanying range of greeting cards designed by Rebecca Strickson will be available to buy from We Built This City.


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