Twin Peaks illustrations explore the weird and wonderful universe of David Lynch

For anyone that bore witness to the highly anticipated comeback of David Lynch's strange soap opera Twin Peaks, this series of illustrations by Nick Taylor should help fill the Agent Dale Cooper-shaped hole still left in your heart.

Designed for Huck Magazine, the stunning works accompanied an interview with Twin Peaks co-writer Mark Frost. The synopsis read: "Twin Peaks could be the weirdest, most groundbreaking TV series ever made. Now that a long-awaited return cements its cultural legacy, co-creator Mark Frost is ready to offer some closure."

The project included one double-page spread illustration and two spot illustrations. Nick also created two animated gifs based on images from the main piece. The brief was to explore the Twin Peaks universe, linking characters across all three seasons, whilst also making reference to the use of signs and symbols.

Nick Taylor is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Nottinghamshire. He combines his love of drawing, collage, mark-making and printing with digital techniques. His background in printmaking constantly informs the image-making process, from the layering of images and textures to the tactile quality and "happy accidents" inherent in many printing processes.

His inspirations are constant and varied but include vintage Penguin book covers, 70s' sci-fi films, old issues of Graphis magazine, discovering unheard vinyl treasures, the mysteries of the cosmos and his small but thoughtfully curated stamp collection. Discover more at


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