Potheads: Fun and quirky ceramic planters by Rotterdam illustrator Rachel Sender

When you think of the affectionate name Pothead, cute ceramic planters certainly don't spring to mind – but that's exactly what Rotterdam illustrator Rachel Sender has created with her fun and quirky character pots.

Apparently, she started playing with clay as a way to get away from her computer work and hasn’t been able to keep her hands off mud since. Taking some of her distinctive illustration style, she came up with the idea of Potheads – little plant pots for the home or outdoors with their own faces and personalities, that add a friendly and humorous touch wherever they're placed.

In a rather wonderful twist, each Pothead's appearance varies depending on the plant or flowers placed in them, allowing you to customise each one to your liking. So a spiky plant might mean a grumpy face or sprouting grass might look like a cheeky teenager.

If you fancy your own Pothead, check out pottingaround.tumblr.com. To find out more about Rachel, visit rachelsender.tictail.com.


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