Perdiz: A magazine about people and the things that make us happy

There has always been a lot of negativity in the press, which often makes us feel as though the world is centred around doom and gloom. What's that I hear you cry? Wouldn't it be fantastic if one publication dedicated it's entire content to happiness and positivity? Well, you're in luck. Perdiz magazine has done just that.

With its baby pink colour palette and beautiful photography, issue six of the Spanish magazine is simply delicious – and even better, it's all about happiness. Designed by Barcelona-based Querida Studio, it's the latest in a series of the collectable publication, and deserves pride of place on any creative agency's bookshelf.

The magazine offers a mix of happy content, from an illustrated cartoon strip to longer-form features, and it has regular internationally-based contributors, including Alec Soth, Corey Arnold and Bompas and Parr.

Alongside producing the magazine, the studio has worked with a wealth of creative brands, including Barcelona City Council, Estrella Damm, NiceThings and Fundació MACBA. Discover more at

Photography credit: Borja Ballbé


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