Graphic designer and musician Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly releases stunningly weird concept album

Musical act Lemon Jelly has never been shy of venturing into things a little bit on the weird side.

Formed by producer Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin – a DJ and designer who co-founded the design studio Airside – Lemon Jelly’s first full-length LemonJelly.KY was a collection of three limited-edition UK EPs that the duo released over two years. Their official full-length debut, Lost Horizons, was released in 2002; followed by '64-'95 in 2005.

Now, Deakin is releasing a new sci-fi concept album The Lasters, in a triple gatefold vinyl release with pop-up fold and augmented reality visuals. The album tells the story of Earth’s last remaining inhabitants as they search for a new home.

“I started making this album over three years ago. It’s inspired by my love of science fiction and my desire to make a proper concept album with a story running through it, like War of The Worlds, Quadrophenia or Harry Nilsson's The Point,” said Deakin.

"How difficult could that be? It was pretty difficult. I needed to come up with a compelling story to complement the music, and this is the first time I’ve had to write 'proper' lyrics."

To help with the tricky task, Deakin brought in Charlotte Hatherley of Ash to help on vocal duties, and also collaborated with Abi Sinclair and Steffan Huw Davies.

"I have created a lavish package for the vinyl format of the album, and Kickstarter is the perfect platform to sell it from - you won’t be able to get hold of the vinyl anywhere else," Deakin adds, "and we’re also planning some innovative interactive live shows for the launch. Finally, we’re also offering the actual lightboxes I made for the album’s six-panel artwork.”

The campaign for the album, which will be supported by a number of live dates and listening parties, is currently on Kickstarter until 29 May.


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