All Is Not Lost: Artist contrasts female beauty with abandoned buildings

In his ongoing series, All Is Not Lost, photographer Romany WG captures a different kind of beauty to abandoned buildings with the use of fearless models in his shots, often posing nude to convey passion, strength, softness and sometimes humour.

Choosing locations across Europe, he works with women whose "beauty works both in contrast and harmony to backdrops of forgotten industry, dying chateaus, decrepit hospitals and raw nature." These exceptional images of female beauty and power distil the essence of defiance against the ravages of time.

Speaking further of the project, Romany said: "Ten years ago I started taking pictures of abandoned places, but after a few years I started to think there was something missing. These buildings were fairly soulless, so about five years ago I introduced models into my pictures. At first with costumes, but these became too bulky and restrictive – especially when trying to enter some abandoned sites. So then I found myself shooting more nudes."

Now available in a limited edition book, All Is Not Lost makes a beautiful addition to the coffee table. Discover more at

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Romany WG


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