Chic Chicks: Photographer poses baby chickens as high-fashion models

Dan Bannino is an Italian photographer crazy about chicks. No, not the female human variety – although I'm sure that's also the case – but the animal kind. That's right. Baby chickens. He's so passionate about them, he's created a series entitled Chic Chicks to show the world just how beautiful they really are.

How did it all begin? A few weeks ago, Dan stumbled across an article about a rather unusual species of poultry called Paduan. It sparked his interest so much that he travelled all the way to Padua to meet Andrea Pozzato, the reigning Italian champion of breeding chickens and who happens to be growing and looking after beautiful exemplars of this particular breed.

With funny and unique crowns of feathers resembling cool '80s hairstyles, Dan decided to pose them as high-fashion models under gentle, colourful lights to bring out their elegant style and quirky personalities, showcasing why we should all appreciate these interesting creatures.

Dan explains: "Some of us don't even realise how beautiful a 'common' chicken is. Through this project, I'm revealing the unusual beauty of these animals and emphasising the contrast between their exploitation and their extreme elegance."

Discover more of his series at Or you can follow him on Instagram where he regularly shares his latest work.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Dan Bannino


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