Erik Kessels, Anthony Burrill and Malcolm Goldie create a record that mixes birdsong and aeroplane noise

We're hearing less of one and more of the other. Now, in a mishmash of birdsong and aeroplane noise, Dutch artist Erik Kessels, designer Anthony Burrill and musician, producer and sound designer Malcolm Goldie have collaborated to bring us a new 12" limited-edition vinyl record.

All images via Anthony Burrill

All images via Anthony Burrill

Presented in a full-colour luxury sleeve, this fun and bonkers single (which we'd expect nothing less from the creative trio), is a "carefully arranged" 20-minute "audio collage of pleasant and unpleasant sounds". It's supposed to create an "unsettling listening experience" featuring – amongst others – the House Sparrow, Airbus A320, Blue Tit, Boeing 777X, Wood Pigeon and a Cessna 172.

"In times where the sound of birds and aeroplanes are absent due to the fact we have to stay indoors, this record could provide the ultimate but disturbing mix of both of them," says the record's description.

"When Erik and I first spoke about making a record mixing bird song and plane noises I thought it was a ridiculous idea," Burrill tells us. "We asked Malcolm Goldie to create the sound composition and sprinkle a touch of humour into the mix. Now that we've made the record and are ready to release it I still think it’s mad. Sometimes it’s good to make idiotic things happen."

Take a listen to this one-minute 'taster' or watch it below – the animation is by Paul Plowman. You can grab your own 12" vinyl record via Anthony Burrill's online shop. Intense.


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