Club Brugge and Studio Dumbar rebrand its women's soccer team as Club YLA

Renowned Dutch agency Studio Dumbar has worked with Belgian professional football club, Club Brugge, to rebrand its women's soccer team.

Previously known as Club Brugge Women, the team has been renamed Club YLA, and new branding has been created for use across all touchpoints including a new logo, clothing, merchandise, social media, website, photography and motion graphics.

"The new 'Club YLA' is modern and distinctive; it brings innovation to Club Brugge and the world of football," says Studio Dumbar, which is now part of Netherlands-based international design agency, Dept. This project was coordinated by independent art director Ludovic Beun.

The reworked striking black and white colour palette replaces the former blue and black of the team; and the logotype makes a significant impact in its slanted, very modern and dynamic feeling typeface. The YLA is spelt out in lettering that looks a little like folded, silvery paper; while 'club' takes a backseat with a more rounded sans serif font.

The name YLA is a nod to Yvonne Lahousse – a former pub owner who became one of the team's most devoted fans in the history of Club Brugge but died in 2006 at the age of 91. She was dubbed the 'mother of the Spionkop', the part of the stadium with the most loyal supporters. "Her fanaticism was legendary," says Studio Dumbar. "Mere days before giving birth, she could still be found behind the goal to cheer on the team.

"The new contemporary design reflects the spirit of Yvonne: dynamic, passionate and energetic."

Other words used to describe the team, and in keeping with the thoroughly modern new look, include 'persistence', 'passion' and 'pride'. The campaign images used across posters, billboards and so on use blocks of vivid photography and against blocks of solid colour; with unusual typographic arrangements of the YLA acronym that make it feel like a cutting edge sports brand rather than a football team.

The campaign imagery was styled by Belgium-based stylist Kate Housh and shot by photographer Stig de Block.


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