Andrei Popa's Quarantine Alphabet portrays life in isolation inside an apartment building in Bucharest

To pass away the time during the lockdown, illustrator Andrei Popa, has created the Quarantine Alphabet, portraying people living in isolation in Bucharest and interpreting their experiences.

Andrei lives in an apartment building himself, containing 26 different properties. He likes to imagine how they're coping with staying indoors. "My illustrations show that we continue to do those simple things that make us human, but while social distancing: meditating, playing some online video-games with your other isolated friends, staring at your ceiling or phone, reading, sleeping, having sex or finally trying that buzz cut hairstyle on you."

Andrei calls himself a "storyteller with a drawing board" who is always trying to capture the "perfect moment or situation". In his words, he's "probably an illustrator and has an alter ego of some Woody Allen character." He also happens to be studying advertising at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, SNSPA.

Of the Quarantine Alphabet, he says it mimics the life of a building. "On the other side, seeing it window by window or letter by letter, it can also function as a mirror of one's self, and I am pretty sure that many will find themselves in at least one of the cases. From A to Z, every window is a different life, living a different personal story. An ABC that captures the aesthetic intimate spirit of life."

Currently, Andrei is looking to publish Quarantine Alphabet as a tiny "fit in one hand" book with profits to be donated to a non-profit organisation that fights against spreading rumours about COVID-19. We love the sound of that. Follow his progress on Instagram or visit


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