Eva Cremers launches new immersive website, channelling serious Willy Wonka vibes

If you're a fan of chocolate rivers, lemonade that makes you fly and trees and flowers made entirely from candy, then take a look at Eva Cremers' new immersive website, full of Willy Wonka vibes and quirkiness.

Bursting with personality and showcasing her work in a truly unique way, the homepage features a weird and wonderful animation that takes you on a journey through space to Eva's "Happy Place" – a factory where you can build your own 3D Monster and a lab to show off her experimental work. If you've been looking for the perfect antidote to coronavirus anxieties, then this is it.

Why did she feel like her website needed an update? "I felt like there was a gap between my website and my Instagram page: my website showed only the bigger projects, without the fun and my Instagram page was an overview of my work but was missing a clear overview of clients and projects.

"I knew I wanted something in between: it should be something between showing your projects off in a nice way and at the same time having a bunch of illustrations together, showing my aesthetic and the more personal and experimental work."

To make her dream a reality, Eva worked with Studio Strindemarks, who built the website and helped to come up with its unique features. Alongside the factory and lab, she includes a projects section to showcase her larger commercial work for clients such as The New York Times, Apple, and Pull&Bear. Go check it out for yourself at evacremers.com.


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