Edward Hopper in Motion: His most iconic paintings come to life to mark 50 years since his death

Widely regarded as one of the great American artists, Edward Hopper truly captured the isolation of modern city life like no other. His intriguing imaginary characters often sat in lit diners, cinemas or hotel rooms late at night, hinted at a darker side to humanity.


Now, for the first time, nine of his most iconic paintings have been brought to life, courtesy of the creative team at Orbitz.

Crafting a series of clever animations, to mark 50 years since Hopper's death, they have injected movement into the otherwise static images – from Automat and Chop Suey to Lighthouse Hill, and – of course (how could they not) – his most famous artwork, Nighthawks.

Hopper's intrepid pieces of Americana, famous for their uncompromising realist edge, have literally been given another dimension where previously subtle elements are exaggerated through motion. Orbitz remarks: "We've created a 21st-century tribute to this titan of 20th-century art, for the younger generation who may not have been directly introduced to his work."

See the whole series via Orbitz.

Chop Suey

Morning Sun


Hotel Window

House by the Railroad

People in the Sun

Lighthouse Hill


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