Sheffield agency We Are rebrands itself as Born + Raised

A sophisticated and minimal plus sign sits at the heart of the branding for Born + Raised, the new incarnation of Sheffield and London-based creative agency We Are. It’s a clever use of a common conjoining symbol, used as a little module across collateral such as stationery and print pieces, as a dynamic online animation, and of course as an integral part of the agency’s new name.

We Are’s founders, brand strategist Andy Weir and creative Bew Knox, decided to rebrand their agency after seven years to “better reflect the agency they had grown into and how they work.” On a more practical note, they admit that “the previous name was also becoming increasingly difficult to protect, as many agencies were using it in their domain names.”

The process of agency founders becoming their own clients was by no means an easy one. “When the creative team presented their creative we were very emotional, it had been hard for us to stand back and hand over the identity of the business we founded,” says Weir, “but it’s certainly given us a stronger empathy with our clients when they undergo a rebrand.”


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