Zag helps Yamaha to 'Make Waves' with a new brand promise and visual identity

What do you do when faced with the challenge of creating a fresh identity for the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments? 'Make Waves', apparently.

That's the brand promise dreamt up by Zag, the consultancy behind Yahama's new visual identity. Zag apparently drew on the brand's unparalleled global cultural influence to express 'Make Waves’ as a universal idea to empower people around the world to make an impact with their sound and music.

It's brought to life with four dynamic CGI 'wave' animations that each represent a different mood of music or sound – from the delicate to the disruptive. "The identity pairs CGI animations expressing how music makes us feel with intimate artist photography and storytelling from artists, connecting the brand to the contemporary music culture, it’s part of creating every day," says Neil Cummings, creative director at Zag.

But it's not just about good looks. The 'Make Waves' concept is also being used to drive internal change at Yamaha to ensure the brand continues to be an innovative force within the music and audio industry going forward. "It’s using design to reshape and remould the business from the inside out to boost commercial growth, drive innovation and increase market share,” says Managing Partner and International Managing Director Livia Bernardini of Zag.


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