Jonny Glover's new, collaborative work for an NHS London mental health centre

Not just a talented illustrator but seemingly also a very nice bloke, Jonny Glover has recently worked with young inpatients to help transform a London mental health centre’s interiors.

The process was highly collaborative, with patients involved in everything from the brief to the delivery, seeing the painting flow across three walls of the centre. The imagery draws on themes of discovery, space, and hope; featuring a number of playful and interactive elements into which patients and staff are encouraged to contribute thoughts and messages as the ongoing development of the piece which is sited at East London’s Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health.

"One of the aims for the commission was to make the entrance to the ward bright, positive and hopeful,” says Glover. “For me, humour and character both have a unique way of doing this. They can disarm the serious context of things and open them up to feel more approachable."

He adds: ”For me, the quality of an environment and your sense of how good the care you are receiving are both closely linked. It makes sense that the spaces we go to get better should feel light-hearted and friendly."

His style seems perfect for the project – both well-crafted and approachable, with a distinctive approach to character design and a lighthearted feel.

Glover has previously worked on a number of other site-specific pieces for the NHS, one of which received a world illustration award 2017. His other clients include The Guardian, Computer Arts, The Barbican, The Wellcome Trust, The Department For Education, The Environment Agency, The National Children's Bureau, and The Red Cross.


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