Are graphic designers really 'artists' too? Ozan Karakoc reckons so

For Ozan Karakoc, a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary designer, the way he sees it is that "graphic designers are artists too, but most of the time, what they do cannot be considered as 'art' since their job is all about thinking strategically, telling stories, solving problems and convincing audiences."

He tells us that even though he finds that process "fascinating" and says he's "absolutely in love with creative branding," sometimes he hankers after the freedom that comes of working without any "boundaries, strategies or maybe even meaning."

He adds: "I believe that those are the rare moments when we, designers, can borrow the title 'artist’."

His latest series of collage works is a reflection of his art-dabbling and comprises eight compositions created using various materials including photographs he has taken himself, licensed stock images, pieces cut from magazines, and acrylic paint brush strokes. "This time, no strategy, no boundaries, no rules, no meaning. This time, art is for art’s sake," he says.

When he's not making collages, Karakoc works for brands such as Fox Sports, Sony Pictures, Carlsberg, Pepsi, FIBA, Mucinex, Godiva and Hilton, across branding, motion picture advertising, UI/UX design and more.

He's also the founder of Bak Magazine, and a member of AIGA.


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