New Upperhand Gin identity looks to Tarot for a look that champions the underdog

Design agency BrandOpus has created a new strategy, visual identity and “brand world” for gin brand Upperhand.

The gin was founded by Alberto Borin, who according to BrandOpus was “looking to build a brand that represented his approach to life…. Someone who has always had courage in his convictions and as a passionate sportsman he often considered himself an underdog who sought to exceed the expected.

“We wanted our work to encapsulate this strength and desire to take on life from an alternative perspective.”

The designs use a number 11 as a central device. The number has been significant to Borin throughout his life, and so BrandOpus looked to the 11th tarot card for inspiration. In some tarot decks, this card represents strength, depicting a woman who against all the odds managed to tame a lion.

The Upperhand Gin identity was illustrated in-house at BrandOpus “to embrace the principles of fearlessness, courage and defying conventions,” says the agency.


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