Yoni Alter gets crafty transforming a pair of Air Jordans into a 3D puzzle

We all have our favourite classic trainers, but could you put back together some Nike Jordan Flight 45 Highs if they were broken up into 19 colourful pieces? London-based graphic artist Yoni Alter has laid down the gauntlet for you, setting the challenge with his 3D puzzle.

Made from handmade resin pieces, the crafted artwork turns the much-loved sneakers into a fun game. Yoni explains: "I often love to play with peoples' perception with art. I was looking at all the excessive lines and elements which are on the surface of the Air Jordans and I decided to give them a meaning other than just decoration. I used these lines to deconstruct the sneaker into separate elements."

The puzzle follows on from Yoni's recent Formula 1 project, where he deconstructed the branding on each car to form their structure. Make sure you watch the video below to see the puzzle in action.


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