Imaginary Destinations: Artist paints the virtual reality of the future in the 19th century

In his series Imaginary Destinations, Spanish visual artist José Galant loves to paint characters from the 19th century and merge their surroundings with futuristic installations – machines and tools that seemingly use technology from the period but with unusual features that might surprise people of that less advanced age.

In some cases, the machines combine animals with unusual and humorous results. Otherwise, you can expect to see 19th century men, women and children crowding around colourful alien plants and lifeforms that seem to sprout from the earth. It's as though they have rolled up to watch a show, curious to understand more about what's on display.

A graduate in Painting and Ceramics from the Fine Arts and Graphic Design School in Barcelona, José uses acrylics, watercolours, 3D computer graphics and augmented reality to create his unique artworks. He's also the co-founder of Mars’ Toad, a developer of funny games for the iPhone and iPad like Captain Glyph, a fast paced action-puzzle-word game. Discover more at

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of José Galant


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