Soft sculptures of the human anatomy crafted out of old bed sheets by Karine Jollet

In her ongoing body of work, Soft Sculptures, French artist Karine Jollet starts with old bed sheets and shirts, embroidered handkerchieves and second-hand fabrics that she cuts up into fragments and then sews together by hand. She reconstructs different body parts – arms, legs, hands, feet – along with several organs and bone structures.

Speaking of her work, Karine said: "The body as an enigma, I explore it, step by step, like a space that I need to reconstruct, to unify. Fabrics are materials that came naturally to me as an analogy to our own biological tissues: bones, fibres, crystals… Observing anatomy fills me with wonder and respect. In my eyes, there is nothing morbid in anatomy; I can only see beauty and the wonderful complexity of forms and of vital functions.

"I cannot stop wondering, I ask myself, time after time, 'why this hand, this foot, this heart?' Of what the body itself is a reflection?'. Following this line of thought I find that anatomy possesses also a hidden dimension that connects us to an invisible, ideal order of things and also to a secret, dreamlike reality. To represent both, I use the preciosity of pearls and crystals, of lace and flowers, of animals and chimeras."

Karine's sculptures are always white to connect all of her sculptures and also "remind us of an invisible universe, far away from our own world, a dimension of unity and purity". Discover more of her beautifully sensitive work on Tumblr.

Via Design Crush


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