Homework Creative produces New Truth monograph for Fischerspooner

There's something extremely calming about books that celebrate minimal design. And this monograph by Copenhagen-based Homework Creative will certainly appeal to lovers of subtlety.

The team explains: "Fischerspooner was formed in 1998 by Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner. As an art pop performance project, their practice involves music, dance, fashion, film and photography, exploring the gap between popular entertainment and art – a 'New Truth'.

"This monograph provides insight into the first five years of Fischerspooner, from a debut performance in a New York City Starbucks, to more mainstream visibility via a major recording label contract. 'New Truth' chronicles Fischerspooner's quest to profoundly upend the boundaries of art, music and performance."

Homework is a graphic design studio and creative consultancy, specialising in visual identity, art direction and re-branding within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle sectors. Discover more at homework.dk.

Via Behance


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