Manassé's branding sports pastry inspired palette that looks good enough to eat

This gorgeous brand identity by Mexico-based design studio, Menta. has made our mouths water. Combining confident illustration with an elegant typeface, we're immediately reminded of sweet treats from French-inspired bakeries.

The team explains: "Manassé is a French—African inspired Pâtisserie and Boulangerie, located in Guadalajara, México, that offers delicious croissants, baguettes, éclairs, macarons, and a wide assortment of exquisite French pastries.

"We designed the full identity inspired by the colour palettes and the spirit of the Parisian Pâtisseries of the Le Marais neighbourhood, and fused them with traditional patterns from Benin, the owner's home country. Both the word mark and tagline were custom designed for the brand."

Discover more at Just don't blame us for your impending cake cravings.

Via Behance


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