The Collaborators steer clear of stereotypes, to create fresh identity for vegan Italian brand

It's great to see a wider range of healthy food options available today. But at the same time, this makes it much more difficult for brands to stand out. Just saying you're vegan or gluten-free is no longer enough to get attention. So branding and packaging have to work that much harder to get your message across.

In that spirit, White Rabbit, a gluten-free and vegan Italian food brand, recently turned to The Collaborators, a branding, design and marketing consultancy based near Bristol, as it looked to ramp up its presence.

Working with The Collaborators, they decided to focus on the brand's authentic Italian credentials. But it was also important to introduce a new generation to Italian food without resorting to stereotypes, such as gondolas or Vespas.

To meet this challenge, the Collaborators coined the phrase, 'Italian with Edge', giving the brand a bold new look, with a firm nod to where it started in the White Rabbit pub, plus an extra helping of Italian playfulness.

"White Rabbit already has a loyal following, and the packaging had a good impact on shelf, but it wasn't even telling half the story", explains senior designer Ben Shrubsole. "We wanted to inject more of that Italian love for food and togetherness into the brand, as well as to strengthen and to expand the visual equities across its brand world."

The new identity is rolling out now across the pizza range and on new products, including gluten-free, plant-based Foccacine.


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