Snow Days' designs target both busy parents and adults with the late-night munchies

Branding agency Bullish and brand incubator HumanCo have created the designs for Snow Days, a pizza-based snack product.

The brand name looks to recall the idea of "the joys of snow days and snacking with zero effs", according to Snow Days. The colour palette was designed to be "playful and bright".

The fact the ingredients are all-natural is spelt out on the packaging designs. While the colour palette aims to accentuate these and the "bold brand statements".

"Sky" and "Snow" are designated as the preferred primary background colours, as seen on the packaging and the website, "relating to the feeling of joy when you were able to stay home from school as a child," says Bullish.

Snow Days frozen pizza bites aim to harness nostalgia while also "leaning into cleaner, wholesome ingredients". They're aimed at a mix of consumers, including "busy parents who want something quick, tasty and actually filling to make for the whole family", as well as adults who enjoy "late-night munchies" but "never have a fully stocked fridge."

The branding and design had to equally appeal to both these groups and more. The branding is united under the strapline "today is gonna be a good day", which is shown on simple packaging with a bold font.

The pizza bites are illustrated to appear as though they're "jumping" with excitement, in imagery that aims to spotlight the ingredients.

The product is only sold online, so it was important for the designs to stand out on the "digital shelf".


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