Voyeuristic street photography series documents everyday life in Israel

All images courtesy of Omri Shomer

All images courtesy of Omri Shomer

I believe that street photography is one of the best ways of portraying the true collective spirit of a place. After all, people make a place what it is, and big or small every town, city and country is filled with characters.

Omri Shomer is a 34-year-old street photographer based in Israel. His love of photography started when he was very young – he first picked up a camera at the age of 13, experimenting with both stills and video.

He explains: "My love story with the camera began when my father bought an 8mm video camera, and he became obsessed with documenting everything. At the same time, I took still photographs with a 35mm pocket camera.

"I have been working as a copywriter in advertising agencies for seven years, but reached a stage where I felt I was missing something. Through my work with art directors, I had more and more contact with visual concepts, and this, in turn, stimulated my interest in photography in a more conscious fashion.

"After seven years, in which I only wrote and was under the sort of intense pressure that only an advertising agency can create, I decided I had had enough of writing." And the rest is history. Check out more of Omri's work at omrishomer.com.