Images of Paris: Sherrie Nickol's quirky images that glimpse at the daily lives of Parisians

Quirky, romantic, poetic and utterly fascinating – Paris is one of those cities that must be visited, at least once, in one's lifetime.

All images courtesy of Sherrie Nickol

All images courtesy of Sherrie Nickol

For many, it's probably the ultimate dream... the City of Light offers so much in terms of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. For New York photographer Sherrie Nickol, Paris is somewhere she's travelled to since she first visited in the summer of 1996.

Armed with her camera, she began to document the people she encountered. Her series, Images of Paris is ongoing, as she explains: "Paris was always a place I returned to with the goal of exploring the different arrondissements, documenting the daily lives of its inhabitants and visitors. I was always amazed at how singular and special Parisians are, from the way that they dress to how they intermingle in public spaces. The selection of images presented here offers a window into their world."

Aside from her love of Paris, Sherrie is currently working on a long-term project entitled Crowdscapes that explores the relationship between people and their environments. She says: "I’m always searching that special sense of energy, humour and interaction occurs in public spaces in combination with the intimacy between families, friends and lovers."


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