Vibrant direction for Open Table that makes food look (almost) too good to eat

Based in Chicago, Other Studio was founded by art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer Eileen Tjan and works across design and branding work for clients across artsy print publications and branding for organisations like AIGA to some great work for a sex toy brand.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Now, though, we’re shining a spotlight on its fantastic work for online restaurant-reservation service, OpenTable. The resulting photography and art direction are so striking it looks like that of a high-end editorial spread—all bright colours, fashion-mag inspired layouts and a sheen that makes everything look so delicious we’re practically drooling and simultaneously way too good to eat.

Working with photographer Alex Wallbaum, prop stylist Dom Cordilla, food stylist Jillian McCann and florist Rose Hoffeld; the team Other Studio was briefed to concept, art direct, produce shoot and retouch more than 30 images that would help define a new distinct, vibrant direction for OpenTable.

The imagery is used to differentiate the platform’s new series of restaurant categories. “The photographic art direction provided moments of delight and defined a unique visual experience, separating OpenTable from competitors,” says the studio.

“The introduction of these restaurant categories allowed for a new type of discovery on Audiences could easily find a curated list of the best bars in a city or most romantic spots for a date. Other’s approach to creating a concept forward image supported a wide variety of restaurant categories and scenes.

It's charming to see the crude sketches below that outline what finally became such confident, slick imagery that would work as well on a gallery wall than on a restaurant app.


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