Never Forget Grenfell: Photographs of survivors, the bereaved and the Grenfell community

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the tragic Grenfell fire, which took the lives of 72 people in central London.

Via Creative Boom submission (via Anthony Burrill). All images courtesy of the artist.

Via Creative Boom submission (via Anthony Burrill). All images courtesy of the artist.

Over the last 12 months, Tom Cockram has been photographing the survivors, the bereaved and the wider Grenfell community. His series of photographs are part of an awareness campaign, in partnership with the organisation Grenfell United, set up to seek justice and help catalyse systemic change.

You can see the series in a new exhibition, Never Forget Grenfell, which will run for three days from Thursday 20 June at Shop Eight in Dray Walk at Truman Brewery.

The show follows the moving and powerful video shot by Tom last year featuring 
survivors of the fire and high profile supporters of the campaign including 
Stormzy, Akala and Adele. In the words of those in the video: "We are not asking for money, we are not asking for sympathy, we are demanding change. Change, so that families up and down the country are safe in their homes. Change, so that people no matter where they live are treated with dignity and respect."

The poster design for the exhibition was created by Anthony Burrill. "Tom Cockram asked me to work on the poster and I said yes immediately," Anthony said.

"The photographs he gave me to work with are incredibly powerful and moving. I cropped in tightly to underline the depth of emotion captured in the photographs. The type I used is wood letter, it has a raw and human feel that reflects the message of the exhibition."


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