Shillington partners with Champion to offer a full scholarship for its graphic design course

Changing to a creative career takes a lot of time and money, right? Wrong. If you can’t afford much of either, you’re in luck.

All images courtesy of Shillington

All images courtesy of Shillington

Shillington is offering half scholarships for its three months full-time and nine months part-time courses this September in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London and Manchester. Basically, you can get 50% off course fees and retrain or upskill for a brand new design career. Apply by 8 July – don’t miss your chance!

Plus, if that wasn't enough, this year Shillington is also partnering with Champion to offer one full scholarship for its full-time course in London this September.

One successful applicant will receive 100% off total course fees. Champion is a creative enterprise with a social mission to champion young creative talent (under 25s) from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is the third year that Shillington has offered scholarships. In 2018, Jordan Kenneth Kamp won a scholarship in New York. He had no prior design experience when he enrolled in the part-time Shillington course. His background was in theatre – working as an actor, producer and filmmaker.

His scholarship submission was a funny video describing how his work as a visual storyteller complements his interest to become a designer. Check it out below.

Speaking of his experience, Jordan said: "If there’s even an inkling of desire to attend Shillington, it’s important to recognise that taking the leap is maybe the hardest part. It’s not easy saying yes to something new and unfamiliar, something that you have no idea if you’ll even be successful at, but choosing to live a life of pursuit is a rewarding endeavour."

Elsewhere, Carolyn Hawkins won a half scholarship in Melbourne last year. She went straight to art school to study printmaking and worked as an art technician at two high schools, amongst other things. She was even running her own illustration studio.

With such a mixture of projects and responsibilities, Carolyn said: "I felt like I was always fumbling my way through the Adobe Suite and the design process in general. Basically, I wanted to get better at these things and learn things the ‘right’ way. My dream is to spend more time on freelance design and illustration and to approach these things with greater confidence."

Following a successful scholarship application, she enrolled on Shillington's part-time course in Melbourne. "I’ve found it has been like the missing link in consolidating all the seemingly disparate skills I have into a more cohesive creative practice."

Other past winners include Tara Cosgrave-Perry who was freelancing part-time and working in retail when she applied for Shillington's scholarship. She'd studied design and illustration at Enmore Design Centre in Sydney, which gave her a drive for design but she felt she still lacked confidence in her skills.

"When I moved to Brisbane a few years ago I immersed myself into the local design circles by attending events like creative mornings, the Design Conference Brisbane and The Design Kids, where I met a lot of wonderful, talented people," Tara said. "Often in conversation, it would come up that they had studied at or highly recommended Shillington. Last year I decided to check out a Shillington graduation with a friend, and I was utterly blown away by all of the student portfolios. I was so impressed that such incredible content could be learned and produced in such a short amount of time."

Tara added: "If you’re ready to up your design game, Shillington is an amazing resource to get you there in a short amount of time. Brush up on design principles and be open to experimenting and pushing your boundaries. Enjoy the ride!"

Fancy your chances? Visit for details and to apply. Deadline is Monday 8 July 2019. Good luck!

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